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Construction project management

Smart planning. Better outcomes.

Think global, act local – has been our motto with every construction project we have put together. Our global expertise in building project management, collaborative teamwork and agile processes helps us create innovative solutions and successful project delivery.

Being a registered builder, we are driven by project management principles to achieve your project goals and objectives. We ensure your building project is completed within the budget, to your specification and in a no-fuss manner.

Why project management is key to our process?

  • Allows smooth working through the project
  • Statutory requirements like OH&S and insurances are met
  • Works within the budget
  • Plans ahead for any potential delay or obstruction
  • Organises all parties involved
  • Meets building standards
  • Materials are scrutinised so you get what you paid for

Project management services

If you decide to seek our services as project managers, we will supervise all phases of the building process ensuring that the project is completed on time and within scope and budget. Our team will work closely with architects and engineers to develop plans, establish timelines and calculate labour and material costs.

We will be the point of contact for the client through the project completion, asking and answering questions as needed. Some of the areas we focus on are:

  • Supervise details for permits and design evaluations
  • Manage the labour schedule project-wise
  • Process change orders
  • Ensure project practicality by collaborating with the architect and construction crew
  • Onsite meeting with client, architect and construction crew
  • Negotiate with vendors, suppliers and subcontractors
  • Prepare project estimates for clients

Total design management

This is the core activity that goes right into the heart of what we do. Our team undergoes comprehensive briefs regarding all aspects of the project which brings about complete design documentation. This serves as the master reference for construction project management.

Approvals management

We work on environmental planning legislation and framework and other statutory approval guidelines. We do all the groundwork for you to obtain all approvals and permits for your construction well before it starts.

Tender & negotiation management

We meticulously go through the process of identification and assessment of qualified contractors. We prepare, invite and negotiate tenders through a highly-transparent procurement process.

Contract management

This process helps us analyse and execute maximum performance for our projects while minimizing financial risks for our customers. Our contract management system is key to manage all contracts made with clients, vendors, partners and employees.

Cost management

Our unique cost management method measures cost and productivity through the project lifecycle. It allows us to predict expenses, control any chances of overbudgeting and keeps us in the league of trusted construction management companies.

Program management

Our construction project management design makes it possible for us to do cross-reference and learning transfers across multiple projects. Our system keeps our clients informed of every milestone in the project.

What makes our construction project management click?

Our construction project management process helps us deliver well-planned construction projects. Here are some crucial elements of our system.

  • Well laid out design plan
  • Cutting-edge technical capability
  • Agile workforce
  • Safety & quality management
  • Cost & time management
  • Effective supply chain partnerships
  • Commitment to sustainability & energy efficiency
  • Social inclusion & diversity strategies

Preparing a construction project and keeping them together could be a challenging process. Several parameters and data points need to be analysed and arrived at a decision. We have perfected the building project management system, taking all our construction projects to a whole new level of efficiency.

Now you know why we have a consistent track record of successful project deliveries.

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