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Who We Are

We are a contemporary architecture firm in Sydney with a full design and construction practice. We design for the people who live, learn, visit and work in the spaces we create. Our specialties include:

service_three Modern new homes
Modern new homes
service_three Extensions
service_three Knock down rebuilds
Knock down rebuilds
service_three Remodelling & renovation
Remodelling & renovation
service_three Remedial architecture
Remedial architecture
service_three Office & public buildings
Office & public buildings

What We Do

Our residential and commercial projects boast high-quality finishes and detail that are sensitive to context and client needs. Needless to say, this enabled us to become one of the top architecture firms in Sydney.

  • Timeless Craftsmanship

    Our work is well informed, from concept to delivery, by superior quality, integrity and craftsmanship. Innovative use of materials, functionality and sustainable practices are always present in our work resulting in beautiful and timeless living spaces.

  • Progress

    We believe that architecture must contribute to our individual and collective well being and ultimately to the progress of society.

  • Sustainability & Environmental Care

    Our buildings simply connect people to a place. We approach a site with an understanding of its essence and potential uses, crafting a space with form and materials to create elegance. Our architectural firm is committed to environmental sustainability, enhancing environmental performance at all phases of a project.

How We Do it

We start by asking – What does it mean to enrich the human experience?

  • We are Collaborative

    At Petra, we really know what collaboration means. More than sharing and cooperation, it’s about embracing the unforeseen, breaking stereotypes for higher efficiency and bringing inquisitive minds together to create extraordinary designs.

  • Design inspired by life

    We constantly push our boundaries on how we design, build and create life to make our dwellings more inspiring, engaging and exciting.

  • {Re}think

    We rely on design thinking and insights to turn ideas into bespoke solutions for our clients. We rethink architecture to enable us to create one of a kind masterpieces that inspire and wow like no one else.

Architecture Firms in Sydney

Sydney is the sum of designers, artists, citizens, public officials, entrepreneurs, students, and their stories. We believe all architecture firms in Sydney have a common goal of making our country more liveable and lovable. We will make ourselves useful and important in the growth of our city and all of Australia by our values, design and architectural approach.

We invite you to be a part of the urban rejuvenation making our environment sustainable and resilient.

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