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Let's move your party outside!

Whether it’s an impressive backyard barbecue, a family reunion or an impromptu summer escape, you can plan it spontaneously with an outdoor entertaining area built by Petra. The best outdoor spaces bring together design, functionality and relaxation.

At Petra, we have a true appreciation for the great outdoors and we create outdoor entertaining areas that lead to many memorable moments.

Our outdoor alfresco areas merge patios with backyard space, and decks that blur inside and outside spaces. You’ve heard of bringing the outside in, well we want to bring the luxury of inside, out.

Why do you need an outdoor entertaining area?

Australia has the beautiful weather, and state of the art barbecues. This country is built for outdoor entertainment. There are so many reasons why a great outdoor space is a must, but here are a few reasons why you and your family need the perfect outdoor entertaining area in your backyard.

  • Extend your indoor spaces

    In most of our contemporary designs, the outdoor area starts from the inside and flows into the backyard. An outdoor area is more functional when they mimic indoor equivalents. With more sunshine and fresh air, your life memories are bound to be more colourful. You’ll feel refreshed and at ease with the feeling of more space, open entertaining and luxurious inclusions.

  • Creates privacy with ample sunlight

    Our outdoor entertainment designs protect privacy without blocking light or air. so many durable and versatile materials now available for screening you can create a private space that still gives you the feeling of openness and freedom.

  • Super comfortable

    It provides plenty of space for you and your family to sit, relax, eat and do whatever you want in your own space. Think of including large sofas, soft furnishings and add a few decorative accent pillows. Once we create the space patio furniture with unique style and warmth can really make it yours, you won’t want to go anywhere else.

  • Weatherproof

    Our outdoor entertainment area design team are experts in converting your space and making it suitable for you to enjoy all year round. Our designs make the best use of open space allowing the cool breeze to flow in without allowing it to cool so much that it becomes unusable. We can incorporate electric or gas heating and ceiling fans or misting systems into our designs to keep you comfortable in any weather.

  • Additions & support

    Do you think a pool will make summer fun for your kids? Are you thinking of adding a bar or pergola or a barbecue area to your outdoor space? We can create and co-ordinate the perfect entertaining area with all the amenities and features you desire. If you want to enjoy your space all year, then Petra is your choice of outdoor construction companies.

We understand a truly harmonious outdoor entertaining area happens when elements of space, light, colour, texture, seating and nature come together creating a welcome, sociable and stylish place for you.

What’s your idea of a perfect outdoor space?

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